California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Crestridge ER - Sensitive Plant Status Rankings

Federal Status (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
FE Federally endangered
PE Proposed for federal listing as endangered
FT Federally threatened
PT Proposed for federal listing as threatened
C Candidate for federal listing
FSC * = Federal Species of Concern; formerly Category 2 or Category 3 candidate or proposed for federal listing
FSC † = Federal Species of Concern; proposed rule to list as endangered or threatened has been withdrawn
State Status (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)
CE State endangered
CT State threatened
CNPS Status (California Native Plant Society)
List of Species Designation
1B Rare or endangered in California and elsewhere (meets CDFW criteria for rare or endangered listing)
2 Rare or endangered in California, more common elsewhere
3 Plants about which more information is needed
4 Plants of limited distribution
R-E-D Code
R Rarity
1 Rare, but found in sufficient numbers and distributed widely enough that the potential for extinction or extirpation is low
2 Occurrences confined to several populations or one extended population
3 Occurrence limited to one or a few highly restricted populations, or present in such small numbers that it is seldom reported
E Endangerment
1 Not endangered
2 Endangered in a portion of its range
3 Endangered throughout its range
D Distribution
1 More or less widespread outside California
2 Rare outside California
3 Endemic to California