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Boden Canyon ER - Focal Species & Habitats

Focal Species

Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve

Photograph: Two-striped Garter Snake by Tim Hovey

Boden Canyon supports a variety of common upland game birds and migratory birds as well as mule deer and turkey. Among the sensitive species occurring in the reserve are Engelmann oak, San Diego horned lizard, Arroyo toad, Coastal western whiptail, Two-striped garter snake, Red diamond rattlesnake, Loggerhead shrike, least Bell's vireo, and golden eagle.

Species Lists (All species lists are in PDF format.)

Focal Habitats

Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve

Photo credit: Kim McKee, CDFW

Vegetation communities occuring on Boden Canyon include southern mixed chaparral, coastal sage scrub, coast live oak woodland, Engelmann oak woodland, southern coast live oak riparian forest, and south coast willow riparian forest.