California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Boden Canyon ER - Maps, Access & Activities


Dowload maps of the Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve below.

Access and Activities

You may access the reserve between sunrise and sunset. Walk or hike on established trails. Please carry out all refuse resulting from use of reserve. Please respect the rights of adjacent land owners. Public access into Boden Canyon directly off Highway 78 is prohibited. City of San Diego Water Department land and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife's southernmost parcel are closed. The appropriate way to access Boden Canyon is from Orosco Ridge located on USFS land adjacent to Pamo Valley. See driving directions for proper access route.


Boden Canyon Ecological Reserve

Hunt for upland game, in accordance with the general hunting regulations, but only at such times and in specific areas as designated by CDFW.

Reserve rules and regulations regarding hunting are subject to change at the discretion of CDFW. Current status of all authorized uses will be displayed in kiosks and available through the CDFW Regional Office.

Please note: Hunting on City or County of San Diego lands is prohibitied.


You may not;

  • Feed the wildlife.
  • Disturb birds or nests or eggs thereof, or any form of plant or animal life except as noted elsewhere in these regulations.
  • Collect specimens, except by permit.
  • Release any fish or animal, including domestic species.
  • Operate any motorized vehicle or bicycle, or launch or operate a boat or floating device.
  • Bring in dogs or cats unless retained on a leash of less than 10 feet, except as provided for in individual area regualtions that allow for hunting.
  • Swim, wade, or dive or use any diving equipment.
  • Fire or discharge any firearm, bow and arrow, air or gas gun, spear gun or any other weapon except as provided for in indifidual area regulations that allow for hunting.
  • Camp.
  • Start or maintain any fire or light fireworks or other explosive or incendiary devices.
  • Ride horseback. Designated trails currently do not exist for horse use.