California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Lands Program Staff Directory

If you have any questions, please call or email the appropriate person below.

Name Classification Phone Number E-mail Address
Kari Lewis Supervising Biologist (916) 445-3789
Land Management and Resource Assessment Programs
Teresa Le Blanc Senior Environmental Scientist (916) 445-3499
Sharon Taylor Associate Wildlife Biologist
Lands Inventory
(916) 323-7194
Karen Converse Environmental Scientist
Land Management Planning
(916) 445-3690
Shawn Fresz Associate Biologist
Land Management Planning
(916) 324-3771
Wildlife Areas and Wildlife Restoration Programs
Brad Burkholder Staff Environmental Scientist (916) 445-1829
Ecological Reserves and Land Acquisition Programs
Julie Horenstein Staff Environmental Scientist (916) 324-3772
Comprehensive Wetland Habitat Program
Vacant Staff Environmental Scientist    
Integrated Pest Management
Joel Trumbo Staff Environmental Scientist (916) 445-8544
Vacant Scientifc Aide    
Geographic Information Systems
Lisa Ohara Research Analyst II, GIS
GIS Data and Maps
(916) 445-3542