California Department of Fish and Wildlife
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Conservation and Mitigation Banking
Review Fees

In 2012, the California Legislature established new standards for review and approval of conservation and mitigation banks. CDFW was given the authority to charge and adjust specified fees to cover the reasonable costs of CDFW banking services for review, implementation, and compliance. The collected fees are dedicated to supporting CDFW staff to work with prospective bankers to establish and monitor banks.

The statute set the initial fees for each step of the process, and requires CDFW to adjust the banking fees annually. The current fee schedule is:

Bank Document Name/Phase Review Fee through 1/31/14 Review Fee Starting 2/1/14
Draft Prospectus (optional) $1,500 $1,507.75
Prospectus $10,000 (or $8,500 if optional Draft 
Prospectus was evaluated)
$10,052.25 (or $8,544.50 if optional Draft 
Prospectus was evaluated)
Bank Agreement Package $25,000 $25,130.50
Unsolicited Change $10,000 $10,052.25
Bank Amendment Package (initial/simple) $7,500 $7,539.25
Bank Amendment Package (complex) $25,000 (or $17,500 if initial Bank Amendment Package fee was paid) $25,130.50 (or $17,591.50 if initial Bank Amendment Package fee was paid)
Implementation $60,000 $60,313.50

Beginning in 2014, each fall CDFW will determine the fee change for the following year, notify the public via this webpage, and update the Bank Submittal Form. The fee change will become effective on January 1st of each year. Bank sponsors submitting bank documents to CDFW that are received with the incorrect fees will receive a letter giving notice of the applicable fee and that the proposal will not be reviewed, and the review timeline will not begin, until CDFW has received the appropriate fee.