California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Integrated Resource Conservation Planning Program Policies

California Biodiversity Council

Agreement on Biological Diversity - California Biodiversity Council Memorandum of Understanding

("The Agreement on Biological Diversity" - Interagency Memorandum of Understanding signed September 19, 1991)

The California Biodiversity Council consists of executive leaders from all state and federal natural resource agencies in California, as well as representatives of county supervisor associations. The Council meets quarterly to discuss regional and statewide natural resource issues and activities. Its goals are to develop creative solutions to current issues, seek greater consistency in natural resource goals, approaches, and standards, and to encourage cooperative projects in the following program areas:

  • Land management and land use planning;
  • Private landowner assistance;
  • Educational outreach and communication with the public;
  • Monitoring, inventory, and assessment;
  • Restoration; and
  • Research and technology.

Coordinated Resources Management and Planning (CRMP)

Coordinated Resources Management and Planning Memorandum of Understanding
(Interagency Memorandum of Understanding on Coordinated Resources Management and Planning, signed January 11, 1990)

CRMP is a voluntary resource planning, problem-solving and management process that allows for direct participation of everyone concerned with natural resource management in a given planning area. The concept underlying CRMP is that coordinating resource management strategies results in improved resource management and minimizes conflicts among land users, landowners, governmental agencies and interest groups. Using this approach, resource problems are addressed and solved much more effectively because they are based on resource boundaries and not constrained by individual, agency or political boundaries.

Further information on Cooperative Conservation Planning