California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Other Types of CEQA Project Reviews

CDFW reviews and provides comments and recommendations on federal, State, city, county, and other land use plans and projects; this review includes land use elements and amendments (GC 65300; PRC 21000). Plans are analyzed for consistency with Commission and CDFW policies, management plans, and programs regarding the protection and conservation of fish and wildlife resources.

The headquarters' and regions' responsibilities and procedures are to:

  1. Notify the Commission when any federal, State, or local plan has the potential to conflict with Commission policy or CDFW management plans and programs, and would have significant adverse impacts on fish and wildlife resources.
  2. Work cooperatively with any federal, State, and local land management agencies to resolve conflicts between their plans and CDFW policies, management plans, programs, and other responsibilities.
  3. Prepare written reports evaluating proposed land use changes which may have a significant impact on fish and wildlife habitat or other sensitive natural resources. Written reports shall include sections on evaluation of potential impacts, recommendation for project mitigation or opposition, and consistency of recommendations with Commission and CDFW policies.
  4. Comply with statutory deadlines for plan review.
  5. Offer guidance and advice to the Directorate, commissions, agencies, boards, and regions on State, federal, and local fish and wildlife issues.

Email Link Contact CEQA Program – CDFW staff cannot make decisions or intercede on CEQA projects under the jurisdiction of another lead agency. Please address project-specific comments to the project's lead agency.