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Fishing in the City
South Bay Area

Fish Stocking

Prior to an event, the lake is stocked with either catfish or rainbow trout. There is no guarantee of catching a fish during a clinic. It is, after all, called fishing and not catching. At some events, an enclosed netted area is used to increase the catch rate. Only those individuals completing the clinic are permitted to fish within the netted enclosure.

Lakes are stocked on a regular basis to insure that once you learn to fish, you can return to the lake and have a reasonable expectation of catching.

Fish are provided by CDFW, Santa Clara County Parks, Santa Clara County Fish and Game Commission and the event sponsors.

  • Lakes We Serve
    • Lake Cunningham Regional Park
    • Lake Vasona
    • Cottonwood Lake (in Hellyer County Park)
    • Spring Valley Lake (in Ed Levin County Park)
  • Other lakes in Santa Clara County...
    There are many freshwater lakes to fish in Santa Clara County. Most of these are managed by Santa Clara County Parks.
    • Almaden Reservoir
    • Anderson Reservoir
    • Campbell Percolation Ponds
    • Chesbro Reservoir
    • Calero Reservoir
    • Coyote Reservoir
    • Grant Lake
    • Guadalupe Reservoir
    • Lexington Reservoir
    • Sandy Wool Lake
    • Santa Teresa County Park
    • Sprig Lake
    • Stevens Creek Reservoir
    • Uvas Reservoir

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Link to information about this program's Federal Sport Fish Restoration funding