California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Little Kern Golden Trout (native)

Onchorhynchus mykiss whitei

The Department has mounted a twenty-five year effort to recover the Little Kern golden trout. This threatened subspecies of rainbow trout was confined to about 10 miles of stream when recovery efforts began in 1975. Much progress has been made since that time. Golden trout/rainbow trout hybrids have been systematically removed from most of the 100 miles of streams and river and ten lakes within the basin. These waters have been restocked with pure Little Kern golden trout.

There are some questions about the success of recent efforts to eliminate non-native trout from the Pecks Canyon-Maggie Lakes watershed. Efforts over the next few years may involve chemical treatments to eliminate any remaining non-native trout and restocking with Little Kern golden trout. At least 5-7 years will be required to recheck restored Little Kern golden trout populations to be sure all non-native trout have been eliminated. This is the most secure of the three golden trout subspecies. The eventual goal is to remove this subspecies from the Endangered Species list. If successful, this will be the only fish removed from the list due to a sufficient recovery.