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Bulletins 1 - 178

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Bulletin 179

Title: Contributions to the Biology of Central Valley Salmonids

Published: 2001

Description: The Salmonid Symposium was organized by an ad hoc committee of state and federal fishery biologists concerned with the management of Central Valley (CV) salmon and steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus spp.) populations and their habitats. It was held at Bodega Bay, California on October 22–24, 1997. Topics covered included research on various CV salmon and steelhead populations, ocean fishery management, history of upper Sacramento River hatchery operations, and steelhead management policy.

Editor: Randall L. Brown, Department of Water Resources

Bulletin 180

Title: California coastal salmonid monitoring: Strategy, design and methods (PDF)

Published: 2011

Description: This California Coastal Salmonid Monitoring Plan (CMP) has been developed to meet California and Federal Endangered Species Acts monitoring requirements, describing the overall strategy, design, and methods used in monitoring salmonid populations.

Authors: Adams, P. B., L. B. Boydstun, S. P. Gallagher, M. K. Lacy, T. McDonald and K. E. Shaffer