California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fisheries Engineering Team

The Fisheries Engineering Team provides technical expertise in the fields of fish passage, hydraulic engineering, hydrology, geology, and fluvial geomorphology to meet the CDFW needs and responsibilities.

Fish Screening Policy | Fish Screening Criteria


Program / Region Support

Provide the programs and regions of CDFW with expertise in the fields of fisheries bioengineering, hydrology, hydraulic engineering, geology, and fluvial geomorphology that is not otherwise available to the regional staff, cooperating agencies, or the community at large.

Project Review

Review the hydrology, erosion potential, fish passage impacts, and other aspects of land and water development projects that are located in environmentally sensitive areas, including the development of hydropower resources, municipal and agricultural water supply, transportation facilities, fish facilities, gravel mining and other stream related development activities.

CDFW Projects

Conduct studies, prepare preliminary designs, and provide technical assistance and expertise in the implementation of CDFW sponsored projects for fisheries restoration and enhancement. Provide technical expertise for the review and development of technical criteria, CDFW policies, and the review of proposed legislation that would affect CDFW's interests or responsibilities.

Expert Witness

Provide assistance to CDFW's legal staff, the State Attorney General's Office, and the counties District Attorney's Offices in the prosecution of fish and game cases. Represent CDFW in hearings before the Fish and Game Commission, WRCB, and judicial courts for CDFW litigation, arbitration, administrative hearings, and civil and criminal prosecutions.


Develop training and conduct workshops on fisheries bioengineering and fluvial geomorphology topics. Topics may include fish passage, fish screening, stream habitat restoration, stream bed alteration activities, sediment management, and other bio-physical stream related activities.