California Department of Fish and Wildlife

2009 Northwest Fish Culture Conference

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was pleased to host the 2009 Northwest Fish Culture Conference in Redding, California.

The Northwest Fish Culture Conference is an annual informal meeting by and between fish culturists for the exchange of information and ideas about all aspects of fish culture.  These conferences are hosted on a rotating basis by the various fisheries agencies and entities of the Northwest. At the conferences, progress reports of management practices and problems, new developments, and research studies are presented. All persons interested in or associated with fish husbandry are invited to attend and to actively participate.

Program Schedule

Time   Topic Presenter

Tuesday afternoon, Dec 1

1300 Welcome address Don Koch - Director, CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
1320 Keynote speaker Neil Manji - Chief, Fisheries Branch CA DFG
1335 Remote spawning and inland salmon programs
1340   Eagle Lake rainbow trout spawning operations Eric Jones
1400   Junction Reservoir kamloops program Mike Escallier and Michael Ficele
1420   Kokanee management and production Mike Harris
1440   Lake Oroville salmonid management Eric See
1500 Break
1515 Hatchery design and operations
1520   Moccasin Creek Hatchery water restriction Lindsay Stewart
1540   Counter-current oxygen injection Mike Hosford
1600   Self-cleaning circular tank technology Mark Ahrens
1620   Alaska sportfish hatchery update KC Hosler and Mike McGowan
1640   Remote hatchery monitoring system Michael Smith

Wednesday, Dec 2

0815 Fish culture and distribution
0820   Salmon egg treatment - Washington Casey Risley and Mark Ahrens
0840   Grayling feeds - Alaska Travis Hyer
0900   Cutthroat trout production in Colorado Christopher Myrick
0920   Performance of triploid rainbow trout in Idaho Martin Koenig
0940   Alaska stocking methods John Unterberg
1000 Break
1015 Anadromous production and management
1020   Hood River steelhead supplementation Robert Reagan
1040   Reconditioned kelt monitoring in the Columbia Basin Rhonda Dasher
1100   Feather River Hatchery spring run Chinook Ryon Kurth
1120   Constant Fractional Marking Program A. Low, B. Buttars and M. Palmer-Zwehlen
1140   Mokelumne River pulse flows Joe Johnson
1200 Lunch
1315 Fish disease issues and fish culture training
1320   Klamath River disease issues J. Scott Foott
1340   Yellow fat disease in Chinook salmon Ken Nichols
1400   Eradication of whirling disease at Leadville NFH Mark Hassebrock
1420   California's Hatchery Academy Kim Rushton
1440   Feather River College aquaculture program Zack Parks
1500 Break
1515 Anadromous recovery programs and animal welfare
1520   Russian River coho recovery program Ben White
1540   Coho monitoring and evaluation Mariska Obedzinski
1600   Parentage based genetic tagging of salmon John Carlos Garza
1620   Distribution of surplus fish Diane Deal
1640   Finfish production and animal welfare Fred Conte

Thursday morning, Dec 3

0815 Wild trout and high mountain lake management
0820   High mountain lake management in Idaho Danielle Dorsch
0840   California high mountain biodiversity management Curtis Milliron
0900   Native trout production goals Dave Lentz
0920   Little Kern golden and Kern River rainbow trout Christy McGuire
0940   Restoration of Cottonwood Lakes golden trout Curtis Milliron
1000 Break
1015 Hall of Fame inductees:
   Al Johnson, John Modin, Bruce Barngrover
Kim Rushton
1035 Administration and compliance
1040   Fish stocking EIR Jim Starr
1100   NPDES process and issues Jim Starr
1120   Hatcheries and the media Harry Morse
1140 Final raffle drawing
1145 Scholarship award
1155 Closing remarks