California Department of Fish and Wildlife
eggs being extracted from Eagle Lake trout

Crystal Lake Trout Hatchery
Eagle Lake Trout

State Hatcheries Substitute for the Natural Cycle

Eagle Lake rainbow trout native only to Eagle Lake and its tributary Pine Creek, remain the only trout species able to survive in the lake's highly alkaline water.

Flows into Pine Creek severely diminished in modern times, eliminating most of the natural spawning grounds. In the early 1950's CDFW discovered a handful of these unique fish, previously believed extinct in Pine Creek. To prevent further losses, CDFW now captures, spawns and raises Eagle Lake Trout.

Today, Eagle Lake trout thrive primarily due to the efforts of Crystal Lake Hatchery. Currently the program produces over 200,000 fish each year for return to Eagle Lake.

Pine Creek Fish Trap

Pine Creek flows into Eagle Lake and has been used as a fish trap for many years. It's located just outside Spaulding Tract on Pine Creek, one mile upstream from Eagle Lake. Each year CDFW traps Eagle Lake trout here for egg taking purposes. The eggs are developed at Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery for replanting in Eagle Lake and elsewhere in Northern California.

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