California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Kern River Rainbow Trout

Kern River Rainbow Trout

California Heritage Trout Challenge
Requirements and Policy

  • Catch six different forms of native trout from their historic drainages in California and photograph each of the trout.
  • Submit a completed Application Form (FG 737C) (PDF) along with the trout photos to:
    CDFW, Fisheries Branch
    1416 Ninth Street, 12th Floor
    Sacramento, CA 95814
  • There are no time restrictions to complete the Challenge. Native trout caught from appropriate waters and verified with a photo can qualify, even if caught years ago.
  • Only one certificate per calendar year may be earned. Anglers may apply in subsequent years with different combinations of native trout.
  • Anglers may not use the same trout that have been submitted for previous Heritage Trout Challenge applications. Anglers may catch the same species again on a different date and/or location in order to qualify for additional Heritage Trout Challenge certificates.
  • All photos and applications become property of CDFW and cannot be returned.
  • After applications are reviewed by CDFW, anglers will be notified by mail. All decisions are final.