California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fish Predation on Central Valley Salmonids -Presentations

Monday, July 22nd


  1. Introductory Remarks - Carl Wilcox, CDFW
  2. Introductory Remarks - Maria Rea, NMFS
  3. Introductory Remarks - Peter Goodwin, Delta Science Program Lead Scientist
  4. Panel Introductions - Panel

Bay-Delta System Overview

  1. Bay-Delta Hydrodynamics - John DeGeorge, RMA
  2. Operations - Ron Milligan, USBR
  3. Ecological Context - Larry Brown, USGS
  4. State of Salmonids in the Delta - Carl Wilcox, CDFW

Fish Predation Studies

  1. Clifton Court Forebay, Head of Old River, & Georgiana Slough - Jacob McQuirk, DWR Bay Delta Office
  2. Largemouth Bass - Louise Conrad, DWR Division of Environmental Services
  3. Striped Bass Migration - Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom, UC Davis

Salmonid Survival Studies

  1. Juvenile Salmon Survival - Steve Lindley, NMFS
  2. San Joaquin Studies - Rebecca Buchanan, University of Washington

Snapshot of Models used in the System

  1. OBAN - Noble Hendrix, QEDA Consulting, LLC
  2. NMFS Life Cycle Model - Steve Lindley, NMFS
  3. Delta Passage Model - Brad Cavallo, Cramer Fish Sciences
  4. SALSIM - John Shelton, CDFW, Region 4
  5. Bioenergetics - Erik Loboschefsky, DWR, Suisun Marsh Planning

Questions from the Public

Tuesday, July 23

  • Panel's Initial Response - Gary Grossman, Panel Chair - This presentation represents the initial thoughts of the panel, but are not binding. The final comments and responses to the questions in the charge document will be presented in the final report, which is due for posting in September 2013.

Questions from the Public