California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fish and Game Law Enforcement Academy

Butte College Partners with Department of Fish and Game to Train New Wardens

In 2008 DFG teamed with Butte College to provide peace officer training for prospective Fish and Game Wardens. This partnership secured an academy facility and POST-certified training program for Fish and Game Warden Cadets on the college’s Oroville campus. Non DFG-sponsored law enforcement students into resource academy training classes if there are unfilled spaces available.

Butte College was chosen for its outstanding police training facility and program. Wardens go through the Basic law enforcement training required of all peace officers plus extended classes on natural resource management and fish and game laws. The 928-acre campus, the largest in California, is also a designated wildlife refuge.

Fish and Game Wardens work on land and water, in urban and remote areas, and encounter wildlife poachers as well as marijuana growers, so their training must be rigorous to help prepare them for any law enforcement situation. The Warden Academy program delivers the highest standard of academic and physical training to Cadets.

For more information on a career as a Fish and Game Warden, contact Captain David Bess at 916-651-9982.