California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Duck Stamp Art

2000 California Duck Stamp

2000 CA duck stamp - painting of Canadian geese

ARTIST: Robert Steiner
DESIGN: Canada Goose
IMAGE SIZE: 11.25” x 8.25”
  Regular 750
  Executive 250 with or without etching
  Medallion 400
  Governor's 350 with or without remarque
  150 with remarque
  Regular Millennial Set 200
  Medallion Millennial Set 200
  Governor's Millennial Set 200
  Governor's Millennial
  Remarqued Set 200
  Artist's Proof 150
  Conservation 30
  Artist's Proof-Millenial
  Companion Print 200
REMARQUES: available only on Governor’s Edition and Governor’s Millennial Remarqued Set
ABOUT THE PRINT: Robert Steiner was chosen to do the California Duck Stamp design through an artist/publisher bid process. The original painting is owned by the State of California.
   Number printed: 170,000
   Denomination: $10.50
   Expiration date: June 30, 2001
   Number sold: 78,297