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Stanislaus River Basin and Calaveras River Water Use Program
Threatened and Endangered Species Report - March 1995
Bay Delta and Special Water Projects Division, CA Dept. of Fish and Game


Order Didelphimorpha
   Family Didelphidae
      Didelphis marsupialis        oppossum                    I

Order Insectivora
   Family Soricidae
      Sorex ornatus                ornate shrew

   Family Talpidae
       Scapanus latimanus           broad-footed mole

Order Chiroptera
   Family Vespertilionidae
       Myotis lucifugus             little brown myotis
       Myotis yumanensis            Yuma myotis                 2
       Myotis californicus          California myotis
       Myotis ciliolabrum           small-footed myotis         2
       Myotis evotis                long-eared myotis           2
       Myotis thysanodes            fringed myotis              2
       Myotis velifer               long-legged myotis          2
       Euderma maculatum            spotted bat                 CSC, 2
       Pipistrellus hesperus        western pipistrelle
       Eptesicus fuscus             big brown bat
       Lasionycteris noctivagans    silver haired bat
       Lasiurus blossevillii        western red bat
       Lasiurus cinereus            hoary bat
       Plecotus townsendii          Townsend's big-eared bat    CSC, 2
       Antrouzous pallidus          pallid bat                  CSC

   Family Mollossidae
       Tadarida brasiliensis        Brazilian free-tailed bat
       Eumops perotis californicus  western mastiff bat         CSC, 2

Order Lagomorpha
   Family Leporidae
       Sylvilagus bachmani riparius riparian brush rabbit       SE, 1
       Sylvilagus audubonii         desert cottontail
       Lepus californicus           black-tailed hare

Order Rodentia
   Family Sciuridae
       Spermophilus beecheyi        California ground squirrel
       Sciurus niger                fox squirrel                I
       Sciurus griseus              western gray squirrel

   Family Geomyidae
       Thomomys bottae              Botta's pocket gopher

   Family Heteromyidae
       Perognathus inornatus        San Joaquin pocket mouse    *

   Family Castoridae
       Castor canadensis            beaver

   Family Cricetidae
       Reithrodontomys megalotis    western harvest mouse
       Peromyscus maniculatus       deer mouse
       Microtus californicus        California vole
       Neotoma fuscipes             dusky-footed woodrat
       Neotoma fuscipes riparia     riparian woodrat            CSC, 1
       Ondatra zibethicus           muskrat

  Family Muridae
       Rattus rattus                black rat                   I
       Rattus norvegicus            Norway rat                  I
       Mus musculus                 house mouse                 I

  Family Erethizontidae
       Erethizon dorsatum           porcupine

Order Carnivora
   Family Canidae
       Canis latrans                coyote
       Urocyon cinereoargenteus     gray fox
       Vulpes vulpes                red fox
       Vulpes macrotis mutica       San Joaquin kit fox         ST, FE
       Canis domestica              feral dog                   I
       Ursus americanus             black bear

   Family Procyonidae
       Procyon lotor                raccoon
       Bassariscus astutus          ringtail                    CFP

   Family Mustelidae
       Mustela frenata              long-tailed weasel
       Mustela vison                mink
       Taxidea taxus                badger                      CSC
       Spilogale gracilis           spotted skunk
       Mephitis mephitis            striped skunk
       Lutra canadensis             river otter

   Family Felidae
       Felis concolor               mountain lion
       Felis rufus                  bobcat
       Felis cattus                 feral cat                   I

Order Artiodactyla
   Family Cervidae
       Odocoileus hemionous         mule deer

Codes * Special Animals that are biologically rare, very restricted in distribution, declining throughout their range, at a critical stage in their life cycle when residing in California, population may be peripheral to the major portion of a taxon's range, but which are threatened with extirpation within California, or the taxon may be associated with a habitat that is declining in California (wetlands, riparian, old growth forest) SE Listed as Endangered by the State of California ST Listed as Threatened by the State of California CSC California Department of Fish and Game "Species of Special Concern" CFP California Department of Fish and Game "Fully Protected" FE Listed as Endangered by the Federal Government 1 Category 1 Candidate for listing by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (sufficient biological information available to support a proposal to list taxa as Endangered or Threatened) 2 Category 2 Candidate for listing by the U. S. Fish and Wlidlife Service (existing information indicates taxa may warrant listing, but substantial biological information necessary to support a proposed rule is lacking) I Introduced