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Stanislaus River Basin and Calaveras River Water Use Program
Threatened and Endangered Species Report - March 1995
Bay Delta and Special Water Projects Division, CA Dept. of Fish and Game


Order Caudata  (Salamanders)
 Family Ambystomatidae
  Ambystoma californiense              California tiger salamander      CSC, 1

 Family Salamandridae (Newts)
  Taricha torosa                       California newt

 Family Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders)
  Batrachoseps attenuatus              California slender salamander
  Aneides lugubris                     arboreal salamander
  Eusatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica   yellow-eyed salamander

Order Salientia  (Frogs and Toads)
 Family Pelobatidae
  Scaphiopus hamondii                  western spadefoot      CSC

 Family Bufonidae
  Bufo boreas                          western toad

 Family Hylidae
  Hyla regilla                         Pacific tree frog

 Family Ranida
  Rana catesbeiana                     bullfrog               I
  Rana aurora draytonii                California red-legged frog       CSC, 1
  Rana boylii                          foothill yellow-legged frog      CSC, 2

Order Testudines (Turtles)
 Family Emydidae
  Clemmys marmorata marmorata          northwestern pond turtle CSC, 2
  Clemmys marmorata pallida            southwestern pond turtle CSC, 2

Order Squamata (Lizards and Snakes)
 Family Iguanidae
  Gambelia sila                        blunt-nosed leopard lizard    SE, FE
  Sceloporus occidentalis              western fence lizard
  Phrynosoma coronatum                 coast horned lizard
  Uta stansburiana                     side-blotched lizard

 Family Scincidae
  Eumeces gilberti                     Gilbert's skink
  Eumeces skiltonianus                 western skink

 Family Teiidae
  Cnemidophorus tigris                 western whiptail

 Family Anguidae
  Elgaria multicarinata                southern alligator lizard

 Family Colubridae
  Pituophis melanoleucus               gopher snake
  Lampropeltis getulus californiae     California kingsnake
  Diadophis punctatus                  ringneck snake
  Thamnophis elegans                   western terrestrial garter snake
  Thamnophis couchi                    western aquatic garter snake
  Thamnophis sirtalis                  common garter snake
  Thamnophis gigas                     giant garter snake
  Coluber constrictor mormon           western yellow-bellied racer
  Contia tenuis                        sharp-tailed snake
  Masticophis flagellum ruddocki       San Joaquin whipsnake    CSC
  Masticophis lateralis                California whipsnake
  Rhinocheilus lecontei                long-nosed snake
  Hypsiglena torquata                  night snake

 Family Viperidae
  Crotalis viridis oreganus            northern Pacific rattlesnake

Codes SE Listed as Endangered by the State of California ST Listed as Threatened by the State of California CSC California Department of Fish and Game "Species of Special Concern" FE Listed as Endangered by the Federal Government 1 Category 1 Candidate for listing by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (sufficient biological information available to support a proposal to list taxa as Endangered or Threatened) 2 Category 2 Candidate for listing by the U. S. Fish and Wlidlife Service (existing information indicates taxa may warrant listing, but substantial biological information necessary to support a proposed rule is lacking) I Introduced