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Stanislaus River Basin and Calaveras River Water Use Program
Threatened and Endangered Species Report - March 1995
Bay Delta and Special Water Projects Division, CA Dept. of Fish and Game


The foothill reach is that portion of the river from the Orange Blossom bridge east of the city of Oakdale upstream to Knights Ferry. It is 7.5 river miles in length and has a gradient of 0.1 percent.

The predominant habitat type is blue oak-digger pine. This habitat is typically diverse with a mix of hardwoods (blue oak and valley oak), conifers (digger pine), and shrubs. The shrub component is typically composed of several species that tend to be clumped with interspersed patches of annual grassland. Typical tree and shrub species include California redbud, California buckeye, Ceanothus species, manzanita, and poison-oak.

The habitat along the riparian edge is the valley foothill riparian. This riparian vegetation is similar to that seen within the valley reach.

An additional habitat type likely to occur within the study area is vernal pools. Vernal pools are small, shallow ponds or shallow depressions that fill with water during the winter rainy season, then dry out during the spring and summer. Typically vernal pools are underlain by impermeable bedrock or hardpan which restricts percolation of water into the soil. Vernal pools have a distinctive flora and have long been recognized as a unique habitat type.

Some agricultural development can be seen with almond orchard being the dominant crop. Because this reach has more grasslands than the valley reach, cattle grazing is common. Also observed in this stretch are occasional steep banks of erodible soils and bedrock.