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Stanislaus River Report

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Stanislaus River Basin and Calaveras River Water Use Program
Threatened and Endangered Species Report - March 1995
Bay Delta and Special Water Projects Division, CA Dept. of Fish and Game


The study area encompasses parts of San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Calaveras, and Tuolumne counties. This area totals 10,311 acres and extends from the confluence of the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Rivers to Goodwin Dam; 59 river miles (Figure 1).

The width of the study area is the area chosen for the HEP study and generally conforms to the riparian corridor, roughly 1500 feet wide. The exception to this width is found in the upper portion of the river from Knight's Ferry upriver to Goodwin Dam where the width of the study area is generally rim to rim. In this area the stream channel is entrenched and leaves a relatively small flood plain and narrow riparian corridor. On the terraces above, agriculture and urban development have replaced much of the old floodplain.

The study area is divided into three reaches based upon habitat types as described in A Guide to Wildlife Habitats of California (Mayer and Laudenslayer 1988) (Table 1). The reaches and the habitat types found within each are described below. Appendix A lists the plant species observed in the study area.