California Department of Fish and Wildlife

BIOS Tutorial: Breeding Bird Survey Routes


Accessing Species List and Observance Frequency From Breeding Bird Survey Routes

In the BIOS Mapviewer:

  • First, open the BIOS Data Catalog by clicking the "Add BIOS Layers" tool (1).
  • Then, filter the list of Available Layers by selecting the "Layer Name" filter field (2) and entering the search term "breeding" in the Search Term box (3).
  • Add the filter (4) and then check the "Breeding Bird Survey Routes" item (5) to add it to the "Checked Layers" box on the right.
  • Then click the "Add Checked Layers to Map" button (6) to add this layer to the map.

Back in the map:

  • Click the checkbox next to the added layer name to turn it on (7).
  • Click on the layer name text to make it the "Active Layer".
  • Finally, click the "Refresh Map" button to reflect your changes.

Next, to get information about a particular route:

  • Using the "Information" tool (8), click on a route on the map (9), returning the information for that route in a panel at the bottom of the viewer.
  • In this bottom panel, click on the "Open" item in the second field from the right (10) to link directly to the USGS Breeding Bird Survey website and view the detailed species occurrence information for that route (11).