California Department of Fish and Wildlife

BIOS Partners

BIOS is a data management system designed to explore the attributes and spatial distribution of biological organisms and systems studied by the Department of Fish and Game and Partner Organizations. Data in BIOS comes from many sources and time periods (both current and historical), including large and long-term studies involving cooperative efforts between the Department and other government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Our Partner Organizations are working with us to provide biological and spatial data for BIOS. We welcome this information and know there is more to be shared.

Partner Organizations who have provided or are currently working to provide data layers to BIOS:

We also have Partner Organizations that assist us in making this program a success. We would like to thank these partners for their help. We look forward to enhancing our working relationship with them and hope to include more partners in the future.

Partner Organizations who have supported the development of BIOS and its Data Viewer:

Contact the BIOS Staff — if you have any questions.