California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Aquatic Biological Assement

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The ABL is currently involved in a number of Bioassessment Research projects. Our primary focus is the development of regional IBI's. We have already developed a preliminary IBI for the San Diego region, and are currently working on expanding it for the entire south coast. Eventually we would like to develop IBI's for each of the major ecoregions in California.

We are concentrating on three major components of IBI calculation:

Appropriate Metrics

Better Tolerance Values Based on Data

Reference Conditions

Another ongoing area of research is the comparison of methods and standard taxonomic effort. Which methods and what amount of effort is required to answer bioassessment questions? We are currently analyzing data from three protocols (CSBP, EMAP, and RIVPACS) with two levels of taxonomic effort (CSBP and EMAP).

The third general area of research is new and interesting taxonomic developments. Members of the ABL stay current with the taxomonic literature, and actively correspond with recognized taxonomic specialists.