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Hydroscpahidae Level 1 Level 2





Key Characters (adult)

Skiff beetles.Adults are most often found in algae with a thin film of water. Adults are small, 1.5 mm or less; body oval with an elongated abdomen; elytra truncate, exposing several abdominal segments; antennae 8-segmented with the apical segment about as long as combined length of segments 4-7; hind coxal plates widely separated.

Key Characters (larva)

Larvae occur with the adults. Body length up to 1.5 mm; body slightly flattened and narrowed posteriorly; have 5 stemmata on each side; antennae are very short and 2-segmented; paired fingerlike gills on abdominal segments 1 and 8 only.

Tolerance 7
Distribution CA, NV, AZ