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Gyrinidae Level 1 Level 2





Key Characters (adult)

Whirligig beetles. Found in both lentic and lotic habitats. Adults ovate, flattened dorsoventrally; notopleural suture present; first ventrite divided by hind coxae; large hind trochanters; mid and hind legs flattened, oar-like; eyes divided into ventral and dorsal components; antennal segments 3-11 form short, cylindrical club and are about as long as combined segments 1+2.

Key Characters (larvae)

Larvae white; legs 6-segmented with two apical claws; 10 abdominal segments; elongate lateral gills on segments 1-9; four decurved hooks on 10th segment.

Tolerance 4-5
Distribution CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, Baja