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Dytiscidae Level 1 Level 2





Key Characters (adult)

Predaceous diving beetles. Very diverse group, ranging in size from 2.5-40 mm. Found in nearly all freshwater aquatic habitats. Adults are oval to elongate oval; notopleural suture present; first ventrite divided by hind coxae; large hind trochanters; legs flattened and paddle-like, often with various swimming hairs; antennae filiform.

Key Characters (larva)

Larvae with 6-segmented legs, with two apical claws; body shape various, shape ovoid to elongate; variously scleritized, usually with several membranous segments ventrally; urogomphi sometimes short, but usually elongate; lateral gills present only in Coptotomus.

Tolerance typically 5, up to 8 in some genera (Agabus)
Distribution CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, Baja