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Meetings And Workshops

Updates of CABW Workgroup Activities:

MEETINGS of the California Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Lab Network (CAMLnet)

CAMLnet was formed as a part of the CABW as a forum for macroinvertebrate labs to share information about technical aspects of bioassessment in California.

1st Meeting, September 1996
2nd Meeting, February 1997
3rd Meeting, June 1997
4rd Meeting, October 1998

For more information on CAMLnet or to join CAMLnet send e-mail to:
Peter Ode

Field Sampling Protocols Workgroup

The field sampling workgroup discussed the current lentic and lotic protocols and made suggestions for refinement of these procedures.
Notes from September 1997 CABW Meeting

Reference Stream Workgroup

The reference stream workgroup has been discussing criteria for selection of reference streams and procedures for their use. The reference condition group did not meet in 1998.
Notes from September 1997 CABW Meeting

Physical Habitat Workgroup

The physical habitat workgroup met for the first time in October 1998 to discuss the multiple methods of habitat assessment available.
Notes from October 1998 Meeting

Data Analysis Workgroup

The data analysis workgroup met for the first time in October 1998 to discuss plans to standardize a database program for bioassessment data.
Notes from October 1998 Meeting
Citizen Bioassessment Workgroup

The citizen workgroup has been meeting since 1996.
Notes from the October 1998 meeting
Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the California Aquatic Bioassessment Workgroup (CABW) met on October 29-30, 1998, to discuss the status of biological monitoring in California, and to develop priorities for the future.  See the Steering Committee page for more details.