California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Aquatic Biological Assement

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Description of the Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory located at the Chico State Campus

Taxonomists: Daniel Pickard, Joe Slusark, Brady Richards and John Sandberg.

Student Interns: Stephanie Hassur, Michelle Boercker, Alex Erwin, and JP Bergmann.

The Chico State Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory was started in the summer of 2000 as an opportunity for students to gain both practical experience in processing aquatic macroinvertebrate samples and to earn school credit.  The lab is funded by grants from the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) through the Chico State University Research Foundation. These funds are used to support student interns and taxonomists. The CDFG, along with a variety of groups and organizations, sample stream and river substrate throughout the state. Samples are brought to the Chico State Laboratory to be processed, identified, and stored. Reports generated from this data give an indication of a water body’s overall condition. The taxonomists make other contributions to the University by making themselves available to students, as well as guest lecturing and assisting in University laboratory sessions. The taxonomists also have assisted laboratory sessions at the local Butte Community College and, along with student interns, have participated in community events such as Kids and Creeks and the Endangered Species Faire.