California Department of Fish and Wildlife

ERP Reports & Documents

ERP Foundational Documents

ERP foundational documents guide program implementation and overall direction of the 30-year program.

ERP Stage 1 Reports and Documents

ERP Stage 1 encompasses the first seven years of program implementation (2000-2007), which focused on building the foundation for long-term program actions.

ERP Stage 2 Reports and Documents

ERP Stage 2 is the final phase that ends with program completion of the 30-year program. Stage 2 builds on the knowledge and results of the Stage 1 projects, in combination with ERP goals and species recovery plans, to determine ecological focus.

ERP Annual Reports

On an annual basis, ERP reports on the progress made toward achieving the six strategic goals during the previous State fiscal year and identifies priority activities for the current fiscal year, including activities completed by ERP staff.