California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Explanation of Recommendation Categories

The Selection Panel's recommendations fall in three categories.

  • Fund. Proposals may be recommended for funding, in whole or in part. Conditions of approval may be included in recommendations for funding of some proposals to address issues raised during the proposals' reviews.
  • Reconsider if Revised. These are proposals that are high priorities and should be considered for funding if they are revised to address shortcomings identified in their reviews. Revised proposals that are resubmitted for reconsideration will undergo a new round of review to examine whether the shortcomings that the Selection Panel identified have been resolved satisfactorily.
  • Do Not Fund. These proposals have serious technical deficiencies or are of lower priority to the ERP at this time. This category also includes proposals that were rated both inadequate by the Technical Panel and medium or lower by the applicable Regional Panel. The Selection Panel did not review these proposals because of they were not highly rated.