California Department of Fish and Wildlife

American Basin Fish Screen and Habitat Improvement Project

Natomas Mutual Water Company Sankey Diversion Fish Screen Facility

Natomas Mutual Water Company Sankey Diversion Fish Screen Facility
Photo by Mary Dunne, CDFW

Location: Left bank of the Sacramento River near River Mile 78.4, approximately .25 mile south of the Natomas Cross Canal

Total Project Cost: $45.975 Million: $22.9875 Million Federal (Anadromous Fish Screen Program); $21.6 Million State (Ecosystem Restoration Program); $1.3875 local funds

Partners: Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, CDFW, Natomas Mutual Water Company

Project Summary: The Natomas Mutual Water Company (NMWC) is a non-profit mutual water company that controls surface water rights for over 250 landowners within the 55,000 acres known as the American Basin. The purpose of this Project is to improve fish passage conditions for at-risk species in the Sacramento River by replacing existing unscreened diversions with a consolidated fish screen and intake facility which meets or exceeds federal and state screening criteria. Components of the project include construction of a new 434 cfs screened pumping plant (Sankey Diversion) on the Sacramento River, construction of distribution facilities required to deliver water from the Sankey Diversion outfall to existing points of use, the decommissioning, demolition and site restoration of the Northern and Bennett Pumping Plants on the Natomas Cross Canal, and the decommissioning and removal of the Verona Diversion Dam.

Beginning in November 2001, the Ecosystem Restoration Program provided grant funding for the planning, design, and environmental compliance phases of this project. This construction phase is expected to be complete in 2014.