California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sacramento Valley/Delta Fish Screen Program

portuguese bend diversion structure

Sutter Mutual Water Company's Portuguese Bend Diversion on the Sacramento River Before Screening, 2010
Photo by Natural Resource Scientists, Inc.

Location: Sacramento River from Colusa to Verona (River Mile 88.2 – 132.5), and Steamboat Slough along Grand Island in the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta.

Total Project Cost: $8.9 Million – $4.4 Million Federal (Anadromous Fish Screen Program), $4.5 Million State (Ecosystem Restoration Program)

Partners: Bureau of Reclamation, CDFW, Family Water Alliance, Intake Screens, Inc., Natural Resource Scientists, Inc., NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Project Summary: Beginning in 2009, fish entrainment data was collected at 12 small agricultural diversions on the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough for two seasons prior to screening them either in place or through consolidations with previously screened diversions.

Biological assessments prepared for each of the sites analyzed the effects of site-specific physical, hydraulic, and habitat characteristics of diversions on fish entrainment. This research was meant to provide a better understanding of the benefits of fish screening for the reach of the river monitored and for other locations with similar diversion and river characteristics. Analysis of the entrainment data resulted in the report titled, Evaluation of Fish Entrainment in 12 Unscreened Sacramento River Diversions (PDF) (Natural Resource Scientists, Inc., 2013).