California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Presented by the CDFW Climate Change Work Group, the US Geological Survey, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

“Bridging the Gap: Downscaling Climate Models to Inform Management Actions” Workshop

images of glacial mountains and parched earth © Microsoft

9:00-5:30 • November 3, 2010 • CSU-Sacramento


The intent of this workshop was to

  • Bring together those individuals conducting cutting edge research on climate downscaling in California with key ecologists, natural resource managers and partners;
  • Provide participants with a shared technical understanding of potential downscaling applications to ecological resource management;
  • Provide an opportunity for discussion on data needs and the challenges of dealing with uncertainty, scale and resolution.


  • The entire workshop was webcast and recorded.
  • Following each set of presentations, a panel discussion was held between the presenters and invited participants to discuss key topics and respond to audience questions regarding how downscaled models can be used to help inform climate change adaptation planning and natural resource management activities.
  • The panel discussions were intended to provide an opportunity for participants to have direct interactions with presenters to help answer questions, identify challenges to interpreting and using downscaled models in natural resource management planning and identify opportunities for overcoming such barriers.