California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CAT-Biodiversity Working Group

The Biodiversity working group (a.k.a. climate change stakeholder group) provides a forum among state agencies and partners to guide adaptation and integration efforts within the biodiversity sector. Specifically, the climate change stakeholder group has been focused on integration and implementation of biodiversity adaptation strategies across agencies and organizations. Meetings provide a forum for discussions and action related to increasing cooperation, communication, and collaboration in order to achieve adaptation planning objectives. Meetings are convened at least twice a year with thematic or product oriented work groups meeting more frequently.

The climate change stakeholder group is not limited to state agency members and is open to other stakeholders. When there has been a need, the group has met with state agency members only.

State Agency Participants

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife (lead)
  • California Energy Commission
  • California State Parks
  • California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • California Department of Public Health
  • California Department of Transportation
  • California Department of Water Resources
  • California Coastal Conservancy

Recent Work Group Products

California Climate Adaptation Strategy (CAS) Implementation

CDFW and the Department of Water Resources have many activities and projects either on-going or completed that are part of the implementation of the CAS.

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